Wednesday 31 August 2016

Question of the Week (31st August 2016)

From your expert perspective, at what age is it deemed OK for parents to leave their child at home alone?
It is difficult to define a specific age as children vary in their development and maturity. Pre-schoolers and those under 10 years of age must not be allowed to stay alone at home. Beyond ten, it becomes controversial. In the legislation of some foreign jurisdiction, children up to 15 years old are not allowed to stay at home. As each child is different, it will be best for parents to understand their child's temperament, maturity level and his or her propensity towards being impulsive to determine if their child can be safely left alone at home. 

If a child has to be left alone for any period of time, what tips do you recommend to parents in order for them to keep their child safe?

Firstly, never take safety for granted. Look into safety features such as locking the window grilles. Also, make sure that you are contactable so that the child can reach you immediately if he becomes frightened or has any needs. Having a good relationship with your neighbours will be important as they can sometimes keep a look out for you and the child can also approach them should any emergencies or needs arise.