Thursday 25 January 2018

Adult ADHD in Women

With the improvement in understanding of Adult ADHD, we have today managed to also improve on our diagnostics of ADHD. This means that more are aware and can be helped.

While many will assume that only working female or working mothers need help with the poor concentration and attention deficits inherent to ADHD, non-working women or homemakers are vulnerable too! Whereas working adults may have the structure of their workplace, the routine of work and their superiors supervising them and keeping things in check, women and mothers at home have to keep their own schedules. Being a homemaker is a full time job requiring one to keep to schedules (picking children to and fro school and activities), deal with finances (marketing and paying bills) and multiple other work in between (cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc).And often without help!. In an individual with ADHD who has difficulties keeping a routine, tends to procrastinate or simply gets distracted easily, life as a homemaker can be chaos.

Even if one does not wish to seek treatment for ADHD, many a times, understanding what the underlying problem is and knowing one's weakness and limitations, help to put away the unnecessary sense of guilt and worthlessness, and decreases the possibility of other consequences of ADHD.

This article,on USA Today, explores why ADHD diagnosis is on the rise in America.